Best Ways for Crawl Space Mold Removal

Crawl space, the foundation of your house is prone to moisture and hence, in turn, mold infestation.

Mold formation in a crawl space is not a good sign as it is an indication of much bigger problems that might arise in the future. In recent years mold infestation has been increased at the alarming rates in Tacoma and Seattle. Molds are quite a common problem in the foundation of your house, but the good news is there are effective ways to prevent it.

Signs of molds infestation in your crawl space

Crawl Space Mold Removal

Prevention is better than cure. Early detection of mold is very important to get rid of them as soon as an outbreak happens. Mold spores travel quickly and spread fast. Hence, the necessary steps should be taken at the right time as soon as possible to prevent major future damage to your property.

Initially molds look like dirt and hence get unnoticed. Keep looking out for these signs of mold infestation to get rid of them in the earlier stage itself.

  • One of the biggest signs of mold formation is a certain kind of musty smell coming from your crawl page. Be alert when your crawl space starts smelling moldy.
  • Moisture is the biggest reason why crawl space tends to develop molds. If you do not have proper ventilation in the basement, you might be having molds too in the crawl space.
  • The presence of pests and rodents show that your basement has gaps and vents for them to enter as well as for water. This is why the presence of unwanted creatures could be an indication of a mold infestation in your house.

Effective ways for crawl space mold remediation

  • Encapsulation:- One of the very effective ways to save your crawl space from mold infestation is encapsulation. During this method, a mold sealant is applied to a surface that prevents further mold formation and spread. While performing encapsulation, a mold surface is scrubbed with a fungicide followed by putting mold sealant.

Encapsulation is generally done for wooden surfaces. It should ideally be done when molds cannot be removed from the surface.

  • Insulation:- Insulation is another very powerful method to prevent mold infestation. Efficient insulation in the house maintains a proper temperature and the amount of moisture that indirectly stops mold growth. Insulation keeps the place dry and controls the temperature properly which is why it doesn’t tend to develop molds. Insulation is a defense mechanism that is indeed one of the best preventive measures to avoid molds in your house.
  • Rat slab installation

Installing a rat lab in your basement area is a great measure to prevent your house from mold infestation. A properly installed rat lab in your crawl space area helps in keeping moisture at bay and keep the basement dry and clean. It gives crawl space a structure to your crawlspace and blocks the entry of water through many gaps and vents in the basement. Moreover, it also protects you from other related problems like water damage, pests, and rodents infestation, ineffective insulation, humidity, etc.

Crawl space mold removal and its management begins with a rat slab installation. By being certified in professional rat slab installation services, our experts will be able to help you to get rid of molds and other secondary problems in an easy way.

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