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The crawl space is a critical part of your house. Not only does it supports your home’s entire structure, but it likewise elevates your home off the ground and at the same time it serves as an inconspicuous space where you can conveniently run the lines and pipes needed for electrical wiring, insulation, air conditioning and heater, ductwork, and plumbing. Unfortunately, this low ceiling space is also one of the parts of your house that mostly cause problems. The key foundation and crawl space problems homeowners often experience include:

• Structural issues like sagging floor, dry root, water damage, and deteriorating surface
• Mold damage like rotting, drooping and ineffective insulation
• Health and comfort problems like mold infestation, radon gas, foul smell coming from the crawl space, and infestation of termites, dust mites, rodents, rats, and/or pests

Left unaddressed, these problems will not only become a major nuisance, but it will also put your family’s health and safety at risk. They can also lead to major issues in other parts of your home.

Crawl Space Repair

The Most Effective Crawl Space Pest Control In Seattle

While traditional approaches like pest control measures, conventional rat removal in Seattle, encapsulation/insulation, and mold treatment seem to offer a quick fix to these foundation problems, they almost likely fail. And if by chance they work, their effect is rather temporary and short term.

Installing a rat slab, however, is the only permanent, effective, and cost-efficient way to control and solve these issues.

Affordable Crawl Space Concrete Services In Seattle

RatSlab offers high quality and affordable crawl space concrete services in Seattle and the surrounding areas. By sealing the area and installing a rat slab, you no longer need to worry about annoying rodents and rats anymore. Plus, it gives your crawl space better shape and structure while keeping it water and moist free, healthy, clean, and free from any foundation issues.

Crawl Space Water Removal

Why RatSlab?

We provide comprehensive rodent exclusion service for rodent removal in Seattle, WA at the best price. Our team has gained a huge reputation because of our customer-centric and meticulous approach. Firstly, we identify all access points by a complete and thorough evaluation of the crawlspace, attic, and home structure. After getting rats out of your property, our contractors pour a RatSlab, WA in your crawlspace.