How to Get Rid of Mice Easily in the House

We used to watch Mickey mouse and Jerry when we were children thinking they are cute. What we did not realize is that these tiny adorable creatures cause significant damage and could be deadly in some cases.

They invite a lot of diseases, destroy your house and interfere with your peace. This is why we have collected a few measures to be taken if you want to get rid of them. Read further and find out.

Mice, the careers of dangerous diseases

Get Rid of Mice

You may think that a common House mouse might not be that harmful roaming around in your house but they are the carrier of diseases like hantavirus, listeria, and salmonellosis which are deadly. They spread diseases with their urine droppings and saliva inside your house. The diseases spread by mice are even more dangerous when the number of mice in a house is more.

Why do you need to eradicate them as soon as possible?

Mice multiply fast. Today you might only see one or two mice invading your house but in a few weeks, you will be counting the numbers. Mice have a higher rate of multiplying and they can breed throughout the year. In just a few weeks they can increase their number 5 to 10 times!

Mice destroy your house


These unwanted animals nibble over everything. They chew through wood, furniture, walls, pipes, insulation, gas lines, rubber, concrete, and electrical wiring which is the riskiest one. There have been many cases where mice have caused major issues with electrical wiring by chewing on them which has led to fire in a few instances. They are one of the causes of sudden fires and sparkling happening in the buildings in Tacoma.

How do they get inside your house?

rat inside house

They are very small and hence they can squeeze their body through small holes. They get into the houses from the holes and cracks in the basement, foundation, outer walls of your house this being the entry points for them. They come inside through the attic space, crawlspace, chimneys, roof pipes, windows, etc. So, you have to be extra careful with these spaces.

How to get rid of mice?


When you notice that your house is infested with mice you have to deal with them in the right way so that there are no chances of damage. There are some do it yourself methods that are proven to control mice to a great extent. Let’s see what they are

Snap Traps:– This is the most common method to trap mice. You just need to put a trap or poison palette wherever you find the number of the mouse and their activity is more. To use this method you can put a piece of cheese on the trap to lure them towards it. Remember it is important to dispose of off the dead mice after it has been trapped to put it in the garbage outside quickly before it becomes another problem.

snap trap

Rodent Bait Stations:– Bait station is basically a device that keeps Snap traps and poison pallets to kill rodents by keeping them away from the reach of children, pets or any nontarget animals.

rodent bait station

A good quality tamper-resistant rodent bait station an effective way to keep rodents at bay. They are safe for children and pets but still should be used with caution and proper instructions.

Ultrasonic Sound Devices:- There is a frequency of sound at which rodents become very uncomfortable. By creating this kind of electronic tone that creates an intensely stressful situation for rodents, you can be able to remove them out of your house. The sounds made by these devices can only be heard by rodents and not the family members or your pets, so, it is safe to use.

ultrasonic Sound Device

Installing a Rat Slab:- Fixing all the entry points and installing a rat slab in your crawl space area is a proven method to get rid of pests and rodents. The rat slab is a concrete sheet over your basement which covers most of the entry points in the ground space and makes it harder for mice to survive, keeping it clean healthy and dry. If you want long term prevention from mice and rats we offer rat slab services. We will install a good quality Rat slab. Lastly, but not least, prevention is the key to keep future problems away. Paying attention to the obvious signs, getting a rat slab installed in your house and keeping the place clean are a few most important things to do to get rid of rodents.

rat slab