How to Keep Your Crawl Space Free from Water Damage

Water is the biggest enemy of your crawl space and the overall health of your house. This single problem gives rise to many dangerous issues that can make your house a red zone. Hence, the moment you notice your basement flooded with water, you need to get it fixed.

Now the question is how? What can you do for water removal from crawl space? Not to worry and read ahead. Here we are listing 3 efficient ways to manage water problems effectively in your crawl space:-

  1. Active Approach (sump pump services – installation & repair)

A sump pump is one of the best methods to keep moisture at bay and save your basement from water damage.

A sump pump is like an active water maintenance device that is installed in your basement. It is designed in a way to pump out water that gets collected in your crawl space and also results in water flooding in your basement. While installing a sump pump, a pit is dug in a corner of your basement. This sandpit is present at the lowest point of your crawl space that allows it to collect the maximum amount of water.

It is especially helpful in situations of excess rain and basement flooding. Just like other household appliances, sump pumps should also be maintained from damage and wear and tear.

If your basement is prone to flooding and water damage frequently then the sump pump is a solution you should look for.

  1. Just in moment approach (basement flooding repair)

The basement area is the first to get affected whenever any kind of water emergency happens. Heavy rains can damage your ground and also create hydrostatic pressure. Moreover, this is the starting of many problems arising in your crawl space.

When some serious water damage happens to your crawl space, you need to consider professional water removal services. Basement flooding repair is generally done in emergency situations when the water has already entered in the crawl space.

The experts in water management know how to deal with the issue quickly and efficiently. They would help you remove the water from your crawl space and save it from major structural damages and other secondary problems.

  1. Proactive approach (rat slab in crawl space)

Prevention is better than cure, and when it comes to vapor damage it makes even more sense. The best way to deal with water issues is to make sure your crawl space is prepared for the unexpected surge of water.

Once the water enters the crawl space, it’s hard to get rid of it. You might be spending huge money every time water gets inside your basement. What you can do rather is to manage water problems in your basement by getting a rat slab installed in advance.

Rat slab is a kind of concrete sheet which covers your crawl space and the walls keeping it safe from many problems including water damage. Rat slab keeps the basement dry and fills up all the cracks and vents. Since the ground gets properly structured, it does not let water accumulate here and there creating structural damage.

The unstructured surface of the basement is very bad at handling water issues. When you install a rat slab with a proper thickness, in a proper way, it creates a barrier between the surface and the water making the basement unwelcoming to water accumulation.

Not just the water issues, slabs help your crawl space dealing with many other issues including mold formation, pest infestation, ineffective insulation, poor air quality, dirty and muddy space, etc. That said, it is indeed one of the best kinds of investment you can do for your house.

A flooded basement is one of the most destructive events which is quite stressful for you. Ratslabs exist to make it easierfor you. Our trained water damage technicians save your crawl space from vapor and its consequences efficiently. All we aim is to make your life at your home easier and normal without any hassle involved. Contact now at 855-728-7522 for the professional rat slab in crawl space and get away with basement flooding once and for all.