Radon Gas Treatment: Protect your Home from this Deadly Gas

Do you know that radon gas is the second most common reason causing lung cancer after smoking? Even if you don’t smoke but live in a home exposed to radon gas, you are likely to develop lung cancer!

Coming in contact with radon gas can lead to lethal consequences. Hence, you need to consider radon gas treatment totest your home for its presence, especially in your crawl space.

Some radioactive metals break down under the earth and release a deadly radioactive gas we call Radon. So basically, it is found under the soil, rocks, and groundwater. People get exposed to it when they have cracks and gaps in the basement of their houses. This is how it leaks inside from the cracks into your crawl space and degrades the quality of air making it harmful than ever.

If we just talked about the US, more than 20,000 deaths from lung cancer are caused by radon gas exposure!

How to know whether your home needs radon gas treatment?

You need to keep testing your crawl space and home for the presence of Radon gas as a precautionary measure before it becomes lethal for you and your family.

Here is what you need to do:-

  • Buy a radon kit (it is available at an affordable price).
  • Test your home, especially your crawl space. Leave the device or kit into the suspected area for a specified period as mentioned on the test kit.
  • Remove the test kit after the specified time as per the directions. Now, you need to send it to the appropriate evaluators.
  • Take necessary action and get radon gas treatment done if the Radon level is high in your home.

How to protect your home from high radon levels?

Although sometimes you cannot control the radon exposure in your house, there are things you can do as preventive measures which will reduce the chances of your home getting in contact with this dangerous gas.

Stop smoking.

Yes, please! Smoking is the top cause of lung cancer and Radon gas being the second one. Now, imagine you and your family being exposed to both. You do not want to do that. If you have the presence of radon in your house and on top of that you are smoking, then you are in trouble.

Ventilation is important.

Let the airflow in your house properly by opening windows, switching the fans on, and let the air circulate around. Air circulation and proper ventilation are very important to spread away from the Radon gas and decrease its concentration in one specific area.

Rat slab installation.

And here is the permanent solution for this big issue. Rat slab installation is the most effective  Radon gas treatment to protect your house. The cracks and gaps in the floor or the crawl space area in your house provides a passage to the Radon gas.

If you have an unfinished crawl space, the gases leak from the underground to your home from these cracks and holes in the floor. This is the most common reason for Radon exposure in the first place and hence it should be fixed first. What you can do in this situation is to get a rat slab installed.

Rat slab is a take plaster-like sheet covering the floor of your crawl space. It seals all the cracks,  holes, and all the entry points making a solid entry barrier for Radon to stop its entry inside your house.

Ratslabs is one of the best-qualified contractors in Tacoma providing radon gas treatment by fixing the fundamental cause. We provide professional rat slab installation services to fix your flooring and make it less susceptible to get infected by radon. Our effective rat slab installation will close all the potential entry points from where the radon can enter your house and deteriorate your health. Moreover, the rat slab can also take care of many other issues that can arise in your crawl space area. For other details call us at 855-728-7522. Got any doubts related to radon and its effects? Feel free to ask us in the comments below.