Ratslab vs Other

Traditional approaches like pest control, mold treatment or encapsulation tend to not give desired results.
This is where RatSlab makes the biggest difference in addressing the multiple problems with 1 solution!

Ratslab Vs Pest Control

  • Pest Control is one of the effective ways to manage rat and rodent problem. While that approach treats apparent rat and other termites’ issues, it ignores possible causes that make it easy for rat and other rodents to inhibit in the crawlspace.
  • Many customers have been paying for termite inspections for years but discover that conditions not only continue to exist but in fact worsen. Many customers also carry termite warranty but have seen that warranty not honored because of excessive crawl space moisture.
  • It is well known that termites find suitable environment to inhibit in the wet atmosphere. Pest control clearly doesn’t solve that problem.
  • It is very important to keep crawl space dry and that’s what RatSlab does it so well!

RatSlab Vs Encapsulation​

  • Rats can still chew the plastic and undermine the purpose of encapsulation.
  • Mold can still grow underneath the plastic