What Are The Benefits of Having a RatSlab

Investing in a proper rat slab for your home or building is a very wise long-term solution. Having it installed properly with optimum thickness and a thorough inspection can provide multiple benefits like:-

  • With a rat slab, it becomes easy to have a good level grade for a better structure on the bottom of your home.
  • It protects your crawl space from washouts during the time of heavy rain.
  • It seals the dirty floor and prevents rat and rodent infestation and mold formation.
  • It makes your crawl space less prone to damage while constructing the home or building.
  • It restricts the water coming up from the soil and prevent water damage.
  • It provides better indoor air quality.
  • It provides a drainage plane to the bottom of your house.
  • It prevents groundwater from entering your crawlspace area.
  • Ratslab also keeps the crawl space area clean and easy to manage.

With a proper rat slab installation, we will safeguard your home from the best province and many other issues in your crawl space.