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Radon gas can be a serious health hazard. Take advantage of our complimentary radon test (limited to 5 tests per week) and receive detailed lab results.

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We were faced with water intrusion issue in our crawlspace. We were so worried about the damage it can cause to whole property. We talked with Ray and took the leap of faith to have RatSlab.




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Based on 13 reviews
Nathaniel Dickison
Nathaniel Dickison
Ray has experience and knowledge to handle the places most aren't willing to go and fix issues most can't. Would absolutely recommend.
Susan Wolever
Susan Wolever
My home is a 1943 bungalow. Rodents had tunneled under the foundation and infested the crawl space. I hired exterminators who set traps, but the problem was on-going. Finally, I called Ray who provided me with an overview of Ratslab. Ray, his sons, and his crew did an excellent job of assessing the scope of the damage, removing and replacing insulation, and retrofitting any areas of concern. Ultimately, they secured my crawlspace from rodent incursions by completely cementing the floor of the crawlspace with a 4" slab. Ray also provided me with a warranty and, in the two months since the job was completed, his son's have provided followup inspections. I have had no further problems with rodents and I am very grateful. I highly recommend Ratslab.
Kin Lee
Kin Lee
We had some rat issue at my house. We hired three different exterminator company, with ann annnual service and none of them was able to resolve the issue. All they did was add traps and one did some remediation by sealing some openings. But none was able to resolve the issue. Hired Rat slab and they didn’t a wonderful job in sealing the crawlspace. Ray, the owner, was a professional and very friendly. They did the job very quickly and cleaned up after themselves.
Brian Hazlewood
Brian Hazlewood
Communication was great, Ramos and Raymond were very professional. My job went from a near-disaster to a wonderfully dry and accessible crawl space quickly. I would recommend their services to anybody who has need for water control in their crawl space or basement.
Fred Kneib
Fred Kneib
Very professional. Hardworking and worthwhile.
John Kelly
John Kelly
Work description: Clean up and rat slab encapsulation of a tight crawl space. Workers were prompt courteous and professional. The concrete pour was done as described.
Dawn Pearson
Dawn Pearson
Very professional, on time and job well done. Easy to work with. 💯
Janine Williams
Janine Williams
Had bees getting into my home through my siding. Ratslab came by on a Wednesday and the bees were gone by Thursday. Great Company.
Hamilton Lucas
Hamilton Lucas
Very satisfied with the work that they did for us. They leveled out the crawlspace, installed walls where needed, and laid the concrete slab. They made sure that no critters were going to make it in by replacing wall elements where needed. Impressed by the quality of work done, and now our crawlspace is pest and moisture free (and the house smells way better, too!)

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