Benefits of a Concrete Crawlspace

What Is Concrete?

A concrete is a mixture of cement, air, water, sand and gravel. This paste is composed of Portland cement and water, which coats the lining of fine and coarse aggregates. Concrete gets stronger as it gets older.

What Is A Concrete Crawlspace?

A concrete barrier put to control moisture in the crawlspace is known as the concrete barrier. It does not consist of a vapor barrier. Previously a mud pad was leveled on the dirt floor of the crawlspace. And then a concrete is poured upon it so that it ranges to a good thickness.

And it is still better to use a vapor barrier in order to control the humidity. The floor joists does not require insulation if the outer surface walls are insulated. Only the spray foam is required on the foundation walls. If the foundation walls are not protected than the moisture will come even when a vapor barrier is present under the leveled mud.

Pumping the concrete floor into the crawlspace is the best option. In order to avoid moisture, this causes many problems.

Why Is Concrete Used In A Crawlspace?

Well, concrete sealed crawlspace is drier, healthier and more energy-efficient then regular ones.

Nowadays people use concrete slabs to seal the floors. In the summer season, warm and moist air goes up into your living space in the cool conditioned atmosphere and condenses. This causes mold, wood gets rotten, pests are attracted. In winter unconditioned air steals heat from the living space and causes huge energy bills.

Why Is It Important To Have A Concrete Crawlspace?

Some contractors build a solid concrete slab, as a foundation and it has nothing to do with the important parts of the house. Concrete slabs work well with the crawlspaces. It creates a beautiful look with a leveled floor and very good for storage should you choose to use it as such. It becomes very easy for plumbers, and electricians for working and moving around in the crawlspace.

Benefits Of A Concrete Crawlspace:

It will be a wise decision to install a rat slab in your crawlspace. After an inspection a thick layer of concrete over your dirt floor of crawlspace will have a number of benefits:
The bottom of your house will be leveled.

  • In floods during rains it takes care of the house.
  • Prevents rodents and molds. 
  • The water beneath the soil doesn’t come up.
  • The air quality within the house improves.
  • It acts as a drainage plane.
  • It keeps the area dry and clean.