What Is a Sump Pump, How Does It Work, and Why Do You Need It

One of the nightmares of homeowners who have a basement or crawl space is flooding. It can be due to a leakage in the water pipes, water entering through the perimeter drains of the waterproofing system of the crawl space or basement, accumulation of natural groundwater in the surface of uncovered dirt crawls space or heavy rains. No matter what is the reason behind the flooding, however, it needs to be dealt with accordingly as soon as possible before it can cause further damages. 

But why should you allow yourself to go through such a disaster if you can protect your home from flooding in the first place? One way of keeping your basement or crawl space dry and protected from flooding is by installing a sump pump. 

What is a sump pump?

A sump pump is a water pump for crawl space. It is a small submersible device that is installed in the lowest part of the house, mostly in the basement or the crawl space. 

What is the purpose of a sump pump and how does it work?

The purpose of a sump pump is to keep the crawl space or basement dry and flood-free. It pumps the water out of the specially constructed sump pit with a gravel base where the water around the area is collected. The collected water will then be drained away from the building and funneled towards the municipal dry well or storm drain. 

A sump pump typically switches on automatically as soon as the sump pit is already filled up with water, thus eliminating the need to manually check on the water level on the pit and to turn on the pump. 

Sump pump installation, repair, and maintenance

Sump pump installation and repair are done by professionals. Installation is usually done during the construction of the house. But for homes without a sump pump yet, it can be added later on when the need arises. 

It is important to keep the sump pump well maintained to ensure that it is always in good working condition. Make sure that the pump is free from any debris or dirt that can possibly impede its operation. You can hire sump pump services to check the condition of the sump pump and do necessary repairs. It is best to do the repair and maintenance work during the dry season to make sure that the device is ready for the wet season. 

Why do you need a sump pump?

Flooding is not only a simple basement or crawl space water problem in Kent, WA. A flooded basement or crawl space is not only a major nuisance but it can as well cause structural damages that may be very costly to repair. Flooding can also encourage the growth of molds and mildews, and invite different pests from dwelling in this secluded area in the house.

If you have been experiencing flooding in the lowest areas of your home from time to time despite waterproofing them, the best solution you can consider is to install a sump pump especially if your house is situated in a flood-prone area. Having a sump pump installed in your basement or crawl space does not only ensure that these areas are dry and flood-free, but it can also help protect your home against expensive structural damages. Having a well-functioning and maintained sump pump also help you avoid basement or crawl space problems like pests infestation, molds and bacterial growth, and other moisture-related issues which can all cause-related breathing and health hazards.