How To Get Rid of Rats Using Ratslab

A crawl space is an inconspicuous space where you can conveniently run and hide the guts of your home – talk about the pipes and lines. It also makes it easier for you to do a termite inspection, routine check-up, maintenance works, and necessary repairs for air conditioning and heater, insulation, plumbing, ductwork, and electrical wiring. 

Unfortunately, this area of the house can also be a thriving ground and a dwelling place for small reptiles, subterranean termites, rodents, wood-destroying organisms, rats, and other pests which may enter your home through burrowing into the dirt crawl space.

Rat Infestation Problems

Rat infestation is one of the primary problems that homeowners with basements and crawl spaces need to deal with. More than just a mere nuisance, rats pose serious threats to the health of both the occupants and the home structure.


This dangerous and annoying pest does not just bite and ruin your belongings, furniture, and different structures of the house (specifically those made from wood and other light materials), but they also eat and contaminate stored food items.  Rats can also quickly spread diseases and transmit rat bite fever, murine typhus, salmonellosis, and leptospirosis through their droppings, bite, feces, skin, and urine.

Different Ways To Eradicate Rats

There are different ways to eradicate rats. Rat infestation solutions can range from do-it-yourself or self-help solutions to professional pest control services

  • Do-It-Yourself Or Self-Help Rat Infestation Solutions
    People on a tight budget or those who don’t consider seeking professional help usually opt for do-it-yourself or self-help rat infestation solutions. This option is quite broad. Self-help solutions may include things like eliminating potential food source, keeping garbage bins closed, decluttering and cleaning, sealing gaps and holes, shutting off entry points, home sanitizing, using natural rat repellants and poison, planting baits, and using traps (electric/electronic, glue, snap/spring, and live traps), among others.

rat infestation

  • Professional Pest Control Services
    Professional pest control services are offered by pest control companies. These services include crawl space encapsulation or insulation, targeted eradication treatments, fumigation, and other traditional pest control methods like using bait, poison, tracking powder, rodenticides, traps, and professional ultrasonic technology.

The Best Way To Eradicate Persistent Rats

All the rat infestation solutions mentioned above can help you deal with rat problems. However, the results of these rat infestation solutions are rather temporary and short-term. In most cases, traditional pest control methods, DIY solutions, and other professional pest control services may not be enough to provide permanent and long term solutions.

Rats are quite difficult to totally eliminate. These highly persistent pests have evolved to survive even in a very harsh environment. They are quite intelligent and resilient too. If you use a specific pest control method and caught a few of them, the others will quickly figure out how to avoid it.

Even encapsulation or isolation of crawl spaces may not be enough to fully solve rat infestation problems. Rats may just chew on the white plastic covering and create another pathway by burrowing into the crawl space. Even if you have already evicted them, they can always find ways to get themselves back into your home again.

The best way to solve a rat infestation problem, though, is to indelibly prevent them from gaining entry into your home through the crawl space. You can make this happen by installing a rat slab. The rat slab will seal off the ground in your crawl space. It will not only make your crawl space clean and more accessible, but it can also permanently protect your home against invaders like rats.