Everything you need to know about Rat slabs

Are you confused about the buzz around getting a rat slab installed in your crawl space? Worry not! In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about rat slabs. We will give you a clear idea of what it is and why it is important along with other necessary information to cater to your doubts and questions regarding this home maintenance service.

Rat slab also called mud slab is a few inches layer which constructors put on the foundation. Rat slab is a thin layer of some concrete poured over the floor or your crawlspace. It is a fine, poorly finished area that is not at a very smooth level. The purpose of this concrete slab poured on the ground is to seal the dirty floor and prevent potential problems especially the rats which is why it is named rat slabs.

Your crawlspace is an overlooked area that might be prone to many potential problems. Rat slab is a proven technique to prevent multiple problems at a time in the area below the building or a house. Here is why it is important:-

Why is it Necessary to Get a Rats Slab Installed?

  • It covers up the floor area to basically clean up the surface of the crawl space.
  • It is a much economical method to avoid big problems and their consequences which could be very expensive.
  • It keeps the basement clean.
  • It drains out water keeping the floor dry and free from water damage.
  • Slab encapsulates the surface that could be dusty, muddy or less sanitary with the usage.
  • It establishes a working platform to the base of your house and gives it structural integrity.
  • It gets you a good level of the floor structure.
  • It doesn’t allow rats and termites to enter into your crawl space by covering the whole area.
  • To drain the water from the surface towards a hole that has a sump pump, an inclined rat slab is very helpful.
  • Restricting the formation of moles in your crawl space, rat slabs keep your place clean, dry and away from the moisture which is the major cause for the mold formation.

The ideal thickness for the rat slabs

The thickness of a slab is important to decide its longevity. Very thin slabs are prone to cracks if they get much traffic. On the other hand, very thick rat slabs can be a little expensive and become a hindrance.

The suggested thickness of a slab for crawl space is a minimum of 2 inches so that it should not be disposed of and also would not cross your budget.

The structural slab is 4 inches thick on average. On top of that constructors put one or more than one inches thick nonstructural concrete.

Rat slab installation is indeed worth every penny since it not just builds the foundation of your house but also takes care of your crawl space in the best way by saving you from many problems in advance.

The constructors who care about the house’s health and integrity will definitely consider installing a mud slab in the basement of your house.

Types of slabs

Above, we learned that slabs are crucial for your floor. Based on various factors the mud slabs can be of multiple types like one-way slabs, two-way slabs, grade slabs, flat plate slabs, hollow core slabs, hard slabs, precast slabs, etc.

This is a piece of basic information about the Rat slabs and their importance. For any specific queries ask us in the comment below. We will be happy to answer your questions

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Rat slab is a proven technique to prevent multiple problems at a time in the area below the building or a house. If you are looking to understand more about Crawl Space Encapsulation, please click.

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