Crawl Space Encapsulation Seattle WA

The maximum of the Seattle property holder pays less attention to taking care of their basement or crawl space or crawl space encapsulation Seattle until a problem related to standing water arises. Despite the fact, this is ill-fated as with a little maintenance and care you can evade serious issues to your basement or crawl space. That’s true!

And ratslab.com is a fantastic service to call whensoever you need expert services for Crawl space repair or encapsulation. They have many years of involvement in the occupation, so you can blindly trust them knowing your house is in good hands.

RatSlab makes sure that you as well as your family members are 100% satisfied with their services, and they hope that you recommend this company to your family and friends in the Seattle, WA area! So, without further delay, let’s get into the topic to know detailed information on crawl space repair or encapsulations below.

What Is Crawl Space Encapsulation?

Crawl Space Encapsulation Seattle

Crawl space encapsulation is occasionally stated as “crawl space sealing” or “crawl space repair”. It is simple to understand the reason behind using these other terms. Crawl space issues – like groundwater leakage or leaks through your crawl space’s walls, rodent, mold, and mildew. If any of these problems need a solution then call for maintenances for the repair procedure. And for the “sealing” process you can call experts to seal out outside air and moisture to maintain a good inside air quality.

Under every home, there’s a crawl space or a basement in Seattle WA that has plumbing or wirings. It’s typically the most ignored part of the home. It is there to get your house up from the ground because of wet areas’ in Seattle WA which can root many property damages and health issues also. Therefore, individuals prefer crawl space encapsulations to avoid crawl space damages.


Crawl space encapsulations are basically sealing or repairing done in order to cover the ceiling, floor, and walls of crawl space with a thick layer of concrete or polyethylene sheet. This is done to lowers the house’s energy bills and to stop the musty odors and mold formation and also to improve air quality in the crawl space.

Types Of Crawl Space Encapsulation:

Is it really needed? Do you really need to seal your basement or crawl space? If yes, then in which procedure? Well, sealed crawl spaces are healthier, dryer, and also energy-efficient as compared to the normal ones. So, sealed crawl spaces have become more and more common in areas like Seattle, WA. There are two methods to do the job. So, let’s now know about both these processes.

Plastic Method

The foundation walls, ceiling, and also the floors of your crawl space get sealed with a heavy-duty, white polyethylene as a crawl space vapor barrier in this method.

Space is entirely sealed after that a dehumidifier is fixed to control the moisture of crawl spaces, to help cleaner and healthy air quality and great storage for several things.

Concrete Method

In a concrete-based method, a layer of 3-4″ non-structural concretes is d discharged on the upper part of the black vapor barrier over the ground of crawl spaces. This process is also entitled a mud slab or a rat slab.

Just as its name shows, it prevents rodent infestation and rats in your basement area or building/house and also promotes clean and healthy air.

Which One Is The Best: Plastic Or Concrete?

rat slab

Installing a crawl space vapor barrier is a major step to prevent moisture in the basement. They’re installed around or along in ceilings, walls, and also floors to stop moisture from spreading as well as potential water damage causes.

It provides good drainage around the house to stop rainwater from flowing under your home and also keeps the floor sloping intact. It’s the best method to keep moisture away from the crawl space by covering your dirt floor with a concrete vapor barrier. Ensure to overlap every seam as well as tape them.

However, to know which one is best for you, you should know its process and the purpose it serves. If you ask me, my answer is the concrete one as it also prevents rodents, mold, and rats from entering your house.

How Much Does Crawl Space Encapsulation Cost?

On average, you will have to spend more or less from $5 to $15 per square foot for grading, cleaning, waterproofing/water drainage, insulation, and also pouring the concrete or layering plastic on your encapsulation project. This is just a conventional approximation. The total amount will be dependent on the condition of your crawl space, the size of the home, and so many more.

Different services use different materials, which will replicate the ultimate contractor rates and prices. Other effects that might control the ultimate expense are the number of layers, kind of insulation, and also add-ons like a dehumidifier and sump pump. Every added feature will upsurge the labor charges and material costs.

Vapor barriers’ prices differ depending on the plastics or concrete’s thickness. Other basics things that also differ consist of spray foam insulation and sealing tape. Labor costs for an installation can be up to $100 per hour, however, make sure to crisscross with your servicer for more info precise to that business.

Why You Need Crawl Space Encapsulation Expert?

Crawl Space Encapsulation

It is time to stop overthinking about your moldy, dirty, damp, crawl space or basement and think of hiring an expert for the job. Let’s see what are the reasons we should give a second thought to hiring an expert for crawl space encapsulations.

Sturdiest Lifetime Guarantee

Companies like Ratslab offers a 5-year warranty and also offer the uppermost level of safety available. That’s why hiring an expert is a wise decision.

Licensed & Highly Trained Professionals

Basement repairs and crawl space waterproofing professionals from companies like Ratslab will design several solutions with your budget in mind and your requirements. The staff is all trained and have experience which assures you high-quality work.

Dedicated To Your Approval

Once the project has been completed by Ratslab they will ensure that you’re pleased with their work. And if you are not, they will go beyond to fulfill your requirements so that their customers don’t leave with dissatisfaction.

Provide Solutions That Are Budget-Friendly

Ratslab provides basement waterproofing and crawls space repairs experts who will design several solutions with your requirements and also with your budget keeping in mind.

Best Crawl Space Encapsulation In Seattle, WA

In our opinion, ratslab.com is the best contractor for crawl space and basement encapsulation and also other related jobs. Why I would recommend this is because a qualified crawl space encapsulations servicer should do an inspection at your basement for free, as well as provide you with a free estimate to finish the encapsulation procedure. At Ratslab, they really do a free inspection as well as provide a price estimate.

Among all the facts that the inspection will disclose is the physical integrity of the crawlspace, together with walls, beams, joists, and posts. In case your main floor has settled, or in case your floor displays signs of roughness, this can be because of inadequate operational support in your crawlspace.

And if there is any such problem, Ratslab will handle that with care. Also, before the process for encapsulation can begin, Ratslab will suggest modifying such issues typically by installing crawl space jacks or new posts.

Ratslab crawl space encapsulations procedure includes sealing all crawl space openings to keep the moisture out, as well as sealing the walls and floors with thick vapor barriers that are nearly resistant to tears or rips. They instinctively fasten their liners to the walls to keep them inflexibly in place. They provide service in the Seattle location and also in surrounding locations to Seattle WA.

They then fill around the topmost edge to stop moisture from increasing behind the vapor barriers and also into the crawl space. Ratslab will likewise wrap block columns or concrete and seal noticeable air gaps to the exterior with the help of foam insulation.

This company takes good care of structural drainage, structural integrity, installation of any system, and other structural works related to your crawl space in the local area of Seattle WA, and also at Renton WA 98057. You can also check the review of the company before hiring them. And I guarantee you that the company will not disappoint you.

They do all these with super care and safety measures to provide you peace of mind!

Crawl Space Encapsulations & Waterproofing near Seattle WA

To learn further about how Ratslab sealing and repair services work for the crawl space and benefit your entire home, please give them a call on 206-420-6152/855-728-7522 any of the phone numbers today or mail them at contact@ratslab.com to schedule a discussion with their trained experts and get a free estimate. Their team of professionals is there and equipped to hear from you and fix your problem. They’ll be capable of addressing any concerns or questions that you might have.


Q. Does crawl space encapsulation add value?

A. YES, crawl space encapsulation adds value as it improves the air quality. After encapsulation, crawlspace liners hold moisture out and lessen the probability of mold growing in your house.

It will as well advance the value of your house as it lessens moisture problems like mold and wood rot in the crawlspace.

Q. Why should you not encapsulate a crawl space?

A. There is not a single reason behind not encapsulating a crawl space. Encapsulating a crawl space has plenty of benefits and not a single side effect. So, you should go for encapsulating your crawl space if you have a budget.

Q. How long does crawl space encapsulation last?

A. An encapsulation of crawl space generally lasts for 10 to 15 years.

Q. How much does it cost to install a vapor barrier in a crawl space?

A. The overall cost to your crawl space’s encapsulate is around $3,000 – $8,000 or around $3 to $7 for per square foot area, which comprises the installation of vapor barrier.


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