What Is Crawlspace Encapsulation?

Under every house there is a basement or a crawlspace which has wirings or plumbing. It is usually the ignored area of the house. It gets the house up off the ground due to wet areas’ which can cause many health issues and property damage also. Therefore people prefer crawlspace encapsulation in order to stop the crawlspace problems.

Crawlspace encapsulation is a sealing or treatment done to cover the crawlspace’s ceiling, walls and floor with a thick polyethylene sheet. It lowers the energy bills of the house and stops the mold formation and musty odors in the crawlspace.

Limitations Of Crawlspace Encapsulation:

1) Improper Encapsulation

Once encapsulation is done there should not be any issues. If wrong materials are used then there will be problems like musty smells in your living due to the moisture still seeping inside areas which were not sealed properly or inferior materials were used. Another problem is that, if the humidifier is running continuously, than it means that the crawlspace is flooding due to improper taping and the space sealing was inaccurate.

2) The Cost Of Encapsulation

The cost of encapsulation varies widely, it depends upon the contractors, materials and size of the space.  The contractors may use cheap products and a warranty should always be given to cover installation failure.

3) The Maintenance And Inspection

Crawlspace consists of wirings and pipes, so whenever plumbers and electricians perform repairs in this space, care should be taken so that the vapor barrier does not get damaged. Because the pipeline services near the walls requires the seal to be broken and again replaced. Thus, the crawlspace should be inspected twice a year so that if there are any problems they do not get worse. There maybe a need to upgrade your HVAC system as well. We have another effective solution for your crawlspace i.e. a Rat slab.

What Is A Rat Slab?

A Rat slab is another technique of protecting your crawlspace. As the name suggests it keeps away rodents and other burrowing animals under your home.

How Is The Rat Slab Done?

A rat slab is three to four inches of concrete poured over the vapor barrier in the crawlspace. The floor is given a sloping shape so that the water is drained directly into the sump-pump hole. It makes such spaces much cleaner and more pleasant. Rat slab is important because it seals the openings and even the hard-to- spot holes in your crawlspace. The professionals inspect and evaluate your crawlspace and attic to identify all the accesses to rodents from your house. The dirt-floor of your crawlspace will be sealed with a rat slab of 3 to 4 inches thick.

Benefits Of A Rat Slab In Your Crawlspace:

  • A rat slab stops the borrowing animals living in your crawlspace
  •  A clean environment is performed in your crawlspace
  • Keeps away wood destroying animals too

A suggestion is that a rat slab has an advantage over crawlspace encapsulation. A rat slab will be the cheapest option and it requires the least amount of maintenance.